Covid-19 Updates for Parents

Updates to Response Plan


  • In order to minimise contact with persons outside of school staff/students, parents are asked to arrange appointments for their son/daughter  for out of school hours. There is no signout facility this year and students/parents may not go to the school office as before. If it is impossible to arrange an appointment for out of school hours, students can leave/enter the building between 12pm and 12.30pm only. Parents will inform the School/ Year Head at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment. Parents will contact the office by phone from the car park to advise of their arrival and the student will then leave class/enter the school. Students will leave/enter  once only.

Unwell students

  • Students who are unwell for any reason in the morning should not attend school that day as there is no facility in the school to care for students who feel unwell and the school must minimise contact with persons outside of staff/students.

Visitors to School Building

  • Parents may not drop off items forgotten by their son/daughter during the day.
  • Access by visitors to the school during the day is be by prior arrangement only. Visitors will be received at the main entrance by the secretary/principal/deputy principal; other staff members should not grant visitors access to the building.

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