Gaisce Awards

The Gaisce Programme: Nurturing Personal Growth in Our Transition Year Curriculum

At Scoil Ruáin, the Gaisce programme stands as a pivotal pillar within our Transition Year experience. We wholeheartedly encourage all TY students to embrace this remarkable challenge.

The Bronze level of the programme embarks on a transformative journey encompassing 13 weeks of structured physical activity, 13 weeks of community engagement, and 13 weeks dedicated to mastering a new skill. An exciting mini-expedition is also woven into the fabric of this experience.

Gaisce presents an extraordinary opportunity for our students to bring together the diverse facets of their co-curricular lives at Scoil Ruáin, ultimately culminating in a prestigious award. It also ignites their passion for planning and embarking on an expedition.

While Bronze-level expeditions typically unfold within the captivating landscapes of Ireland, our Gold-level adventurers venture beyond borders, crafting the starting point for Ireland’s most accomplished contemporary explorers.

We hold the vision that Gaisce will continue to thrive as an integral component of our Transition Year programme at Scoil Ruáin. Our students, enriched by their experiences, will carry the torch forward, setting their sights on Silver and Gold awards post-graduation from TY.

Join us in embracing the Gaisce programme as it empowers our students to grow, explore, and discover their true potential.