School Values

ETB Core Values

The process of defining our fundamental values and ethos has been evolving over the past decade.

All schools within the ETB (Education and Training Board) are State-funded, Co-educational, and Multi-Denominational institutions. The ethos upheld by ETB schools is firmly rooted in the core principles of Excellence in Education, Care, Respect, Equality, and Community. In 2021, our school took significant steps to assess our own policies and practices in alignment with these core values.

What is Ethos?

Ethos represents how we live, collaborate, and interact within our school community. While it encompasses aspects like the curriculum and its delivery, ethos goes beyond these boundaries. It also pertains to our shared core values, the unspoken lessons we impart, the decision-making processes we follow, and the relationships that form the foundation of our daily school life. In Scoil Ruáin our school community endeavours to uphold and live out our school values in all aspects of school life. Our students created many ethos artefacts and symbols to remind us of our school values.