Poetry win for Polly Browne 2nd Year

A big congratulations to Polly Browne, 2nd-year student who took 3rd place in the June Fest Poetry Competition in Newbridge with her peom “Mental Makeup”. She has been invited to read her poem in Farrell and Nephew Bookstore,  on the 4th of June alongside the other prize winners and local established writers.  Well done to Polly our talented poet.


By Polly Browne

Each morning I apply a foundation of stability
Concealer that hides my flaws
A contour that bends my truth
And finish with a rose pink blush, a filter that removes unhappiness
And lipstick so I can paint on a smile and get on with my day.
That is until the time of removal, relief,
When I can finally reveal my cracks, scrapes and imperfections
That were once covered up by my